My MJJ Playlist

Dedicated to the explorers of song. mjsit

Exploring music beyond the big hits can alter what people claim as “favorite”. For instance, my favorite Michael Jackson album is Off The Wall. I can listen to the entire album without skipping songs, or feeling bored. Only three songs made the HIStory Book 1 album, but that only makes Off The Wall more alluring. Personally, I stray from hit songs so I can better discover artists. Plus, I like the late 70s sound. 🙂

As for my favorite Michael Jackson songs overall, the range is wide. This is my favorite list as well as a suggestion for further listening. In no particular order following the first five…

  • “Liberian Girl” – from Bad
  • “Dirty Diana” – from Bad
  • “Off The Wall” – from Off The Wall
  • “Morphine” – from Blood On The Dancefloor
  • “Streetwalker” – (previously unreleased) from Bad
  • “I Can’t Help It” – from Off The Wall
  • “Give In To Me” – from Dangerous
  • “Butterflies”from Invincible
  • “Break Of Dawn” – from Invincible
  • “Little Susie” – from HIStory (disc 2)
  • “Why You Wanna Trip On Me” – from Dangerous
  • “Fly Away” – (previously unreleased) from Bad
  • “Workin’ Day And Night” – from Off The Wall

Enjoy! And let me know what your favorite MJJ songs are!

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