Ignoring Ignorance

Dedicated to Dan and Dylan Senft for having the courage to ignore ignorance.

Jackson Bad tour 1

Two people from my small town of York, Pa went to the Michael Jackson Memorial. I left this comment about the article on our newspaper website:

“First of all I’d like to say that I SUPPORT Dan and Dylan with everything I have. People that do not know Michael do not know music. Plain and simple. I hope both of you can ignore the recent rude comments.

“Not that I’m shocked by the ignorance of York, but people have no right to criticize you two for going on this trip. These people need to crawl back into their homes and reexamine the way they should treat people. Even if you hate someone with every gut feeling, have the decency to keep your comments to yourself to protect the feelings of someone that you DON’T EVEN KNOW!
“The best part about this whole situation is that Michael will never again have to listen to what has been said about him. He’s at rest and that’s all that matters. I hope everyone with a heart has thought the same thing because many people die every day after carrying around their own problems. Let’s respect the dead, please.
“ILY Michael! Smile.”

On a lighter note, there are people that ignore whatever was said about Michael’s personal life and solely appreciate his musical genius. Today, I went to OfficeMax to get a few posters lamenated, because of its 50% off deal. I had four Michael Jackson posters and three others (The Breakfast Club, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol). The man that first began to lamenate my posters had commented on how the small Jackson poster was really nice. Another man came over soon after, because my mom had a question about her new rewards card. He asked if I liked Michael Jackson. My mom answered, “Yes, she’s one of the few fans around here.”

The man proceeded to raise his hand in excitement, then said, “The way I think about it, I didn’t know what the man did in his personal life, and I didn’t care! I appreciated him for his talent.” My face lit up in agreement.

There are people out there that appreciate his talent while disregarding whatever was said about his personal life. I commend these people. We have to stick together!

Photo Credit:Michael Jackson


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