Elvis Has Left The Building

Dedicated to Lisa Marie Presley. I know you’ve been feeling terrible lately. Keep your head up.

Today is the anniversary of the day Elvis Presley died in 1977.

A Memphian once told me he hated Elvis, until he started working for City Tours and was forced to learn all about The King. “I like his story,” my friend said. This made me smile because that meant I am now a little less strange for wanting to know about musicians’ lives in depth.

I had an Elvis period. Two years ago was the celebration of thirty years since his death. I went a little crazy taping specials and movies on TV… Sun Studio was a golden palace and the presence at Graceland was phenomenal. Between the time I first visited Memphis with my high school marching band until I went to orientation for school, I was a huge fan. However, I didn’t want people to think I was going to the University Of Memphis because of a sick obsession with Elvis. He is not my favorite among many, but he deserves the right to be a positive figure of our culture.

I like Elvis for his voice, charisma, and stage presentation. Who cares if he only had to memorize around three chords for each song! The man knew what he was doing, and he loved what he did. Everyone should take a life lesson from what Elvis showed us.

Quote Of The Week:

“If music be the food of love, play on.” – William Shakespeare
(I had to sing this song during my first semester of voice lessons in college. I hated singing it. I like it now.)

Photo Credit: Elvis Sweater


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