Let’s Get Physical

Dedicated to Chase Ferrell, my workout buddy and motivator :).

I recently tested a new workout songlist full of random songs I continuously played while at the gym. It was time to make a list…

  1. “Sin Wagon” – Dixie Chicks
  2. “Love Game” – Lady Gaga
  3. “Hey Beautiful” – The Solids
  4. “Minimal” – Pet Shop Boys
  5. “Sweet Dreams” – Eurythmics
  6. “I Ran” – Flock of Seagulls
  7. “Dumpweed” – Blink 182
  8. “Disturbia” – Rihanna
  9. “This Modern Love” – Bloc Party
  10. “Move Your Body” – Eiffel 65
  11. “Hey Baby” – 4-2-4
  12. “Workin’ Day And Night” – Michael Jackson
  13. “Teenage Suicide” – Unwritten Law

The list goes on and on. Anything with a disco or techno beat works wonders for the mind while exercising and in return helps the  body. I honestly felt more motivated than usual as I walked into the weight room with headphones in my ears.

In further news, I read in Shape magazine (I don’t recall the issue number) years ago that listening to slower music helps the body mentally and physically wind down after a workout. This held true for me, so I would say it works.  Song lists to fall asleep to are also a big favorite of mine!

Picture Credit: Weights


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