The Album is NOT Dead.

The album is alive and well.
The album is alive and well.

Dedicated to Kurt Clayton, who further ignited my interest in music business.

Since June 25th, 2009 when tragedy struck the most famous music man of the last forty years, album sales have skyrocketed. Given the current circumstances, the top three returning albums were Michael Jackson’s “Number Ones,” The Essential Michael Jackson,” and “Thriller” (New York Post). It seems as though the world is just now realizing the genius that was Michael Jackson.

I am not here to only promote Michael’s music and legacy. However, I would like it to be known that I have been a true and faithful fan since I first discovered the magic in-depth. Because of my age, I was unable to see the soulful ten-year-old perform with his brothers, the first sighting of the “man of the moon,” the 80’s phenomenon, and the unimaginable Dangerous tour of the early 90’s.

At any rate, Michael Jackson is one musician that takes time to prepare an album for several years. He and Quincy Jones listened to around 100 different mixes of “Thriller” alone until they found the right one. There is a reason that the Thriller album had seven out of nine top ten hits: Time.

One difference between today’s music industry and the music industry of twenty-plus years ago is that today’s musicians release music much faster and more often. Singles are released daily and apparently this is a reason for the decline in album sales. However, how many of these singles achieve #1 hit status?

If artists took their time to develop their best singles into an album, they may stand a chance at their albums going platinum. A #1 album is more impressive than a #1 single.

P.S. Again, I want to stress that I am not preaching about my favorite artist. I am solely using him as an example because of his achievements.

Album Charts: New York Post

Photo Rights: House of Aroha

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