I Need A Change of Season

Dedicated to none other than Daryl Hall and John Oates. Wow. 🙂

Two nights ago my Mom and I went to the American Music Theater in Lancaster, Pa to see Hall & Oates! 🙂 I had always heard their songs on 96.1 WSOX, basically the only radio station I listen to because of the assortment of classic songs. My Mom owns the Abandoned Luncheonette record as well as a greatest hits CD and Change Of Season on CD.

A week and a half ago my Mom was determined to win Hall & Oates tickets through the radio station by being the seventh caller. Low and behold, after listening all day, she actually won! She immediately called me with the news and we shared our excitement.

We spent the last week preparing for the concert with tunes. I had forgotten how many of their songs I knew. My favorite has always been “Private Eyes”, but no one can forget “Sara Smile”, “Rich Girl”, “Maneater”, “Starting All Over Again”, “She’s Gone”, “You Make My Dreams Come True”, and many more…

(My personal video recording of “Your Kiss Is On My List”)

My other videos can be seen on Youtube.com. Search “Hall & Oates Lancaster”. Enjoy!

This was during the first encore. I convinced my Mom to run to the front of the stage with me. We were in row J so the difference was not extreme, but I was not missing the chance to be five feet away from Hall & Oates! John Oates smiled at me :). I’m absolutely sure of it! The second encore made me nervous, because I still hadn’t heard “Rich Girl” and “Private Eyes”. Fortunately, they came back out to the stage with both songs!

Daryl Hall

Hall & Oates from the front of the stage

(My personal photos taken at the concert)

After the concert, my mom scrambled alongside a cougar to grab a guitar pick from John Oates. We begged for the set list, but were unsuccessful. A few people were lingering out back to catch a glimpse or an autograph. Twenty minutes of waiting gave us a Daryl Hall autograph on Mom’s Abandoned Luncheonette album and a picture of Mom leaning into the Daryl as he signed others’ memorabilia:

Mom and Daryl

Mom and Daryl

Never doubt your luck of winning concert tickets! 🙂


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